What We Do.

At Rhino Contracts, we have been a successful builder for over 10 years and an investor for 8. We have been successful within property investing and working with investors to help them increase their net worth.

We use our own capital along with private funds to provide better returns than the banking institutes.

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Why Rhino?

Investing in your future.

Right now the average current interest rates return around 0-3% per annum which are record lows and with current increasing living rates higher than before, saving your money in ISAs are actually costing you money.

Investing your savings into properties by using our extensive knowledge will help you achieve returns of 10%. By buying Below Market Value (BMV) and adding value to the property with renovation work carried out by Team Rhino will help us gain better equity and higher returns through finance or sale.


Current Interest Rates


What You Get With Rhino

Investment Options.

A choice of investment options are available and here are some examples below.

Investment #1

An initial investment of £100,000 at a 10% return within 12 months will see a return of £110,000 (£10,000 in total interest plus £100,000 capital returned).

Investment #2

An initial investment of £100,000 at 10% return for 2 years will return £121,000 (£10,000 in total interest in year one plus £11,000 in total interest in year 2 plus your £100,000 capital returned).

*Shorted and longer-term options are available and subject to qualification.

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